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  Darrell Banks



Born Darrell Eubanks in 1938, Mansfield Ohio Banks sprang to fame in 1966 with his magnificent debut single 'Open The Door To Your Heart'. One of the finest non-Motown releases to emerge from Detroit. A second hit, Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You  followed that same year but the singer's progress was undermined by an inability to remain with one label for any length of time. By 1967 he had signed to Atlantic (Atco) and in 1969 to Stax (Volt). Banks' later work included superb performances in 'I'm The One who Loves You' and 'No One Blinder (Than A Man Who Won’t See), but tragically he was shot dead in March 1970 during a gun duel with a policeman who had been having an affair with his girlfriend.