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Weird Stuff



As the title suggests this page will be a home to all the stuff that doesn't fit on any of the other pages !!

At the moment we have some adverts from 1970's and 1980's Soul magazines that looked perfectly normal back then but look a little bit strange now.

How many of you remeber this event? Did anyone out there actually go to witness Tiswas meeting Soul music?

"Don't be ripped off" the men from the casino tell us. Maybe they could have added "unless it's by us"

Well yes they looked ridiculous, they were bloody awkward, but an awful lot of us have worn them, in the past. Big question is: who still fits into theirs?

Now I never went to the Top Of The World. But I hope you lot who did go took notice of the advert and didn't take any food, drugs or chewing gum with you.

The only thing I ever wore during my teens that the old man didn't moan about.